Magnolia Blossom Festival Treasure Hunt Clues


Sponsored by Peoples Bank

Winner receives $400


Monday AM:

Can it be true?

30 years to hear the clues.

Remember the rules, don’t dig or destroy flowers and trees,

the treasure hunt will be easy as 1,2,3!


Monday PM:

The third weekend in May

are always the days.

Shopping, searching, steaks, and friends!

So get your group, head on out

and get ready for a great weekend!


Tuesday AM:

To People’s Bank, we must give a big shout!

The $400 prize would be great to win, no doubt!

It could be a nice treat,

if you found the prize

to help you pay bills, have fun, or buy a love seat!


Tuesday PM:

Walking or running,

to hunt is a must.

Make sure you take a friend

the one you can trust!


Wednesday AM:

Thanks Magnolia for being a part

to help our community grow.

Think fast and be smart

and just wait till you hear the rooster crow.


Wednesday PM:

Day three is huge,

no treasure has been found.

Our mission is to help you,

so look for cars, they are all around.


Good luck!