Columbia County Circuit Court Action

A man was sentenced to a total of 16 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections Thursday in Columbia County Circuit Court. David Wesson II pleaded true to allegations that he violated his probation. He had also previously pleaded guilty to possession of controlled substance (cocaine) with intent, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Wesson was sentenced to six years on the probation revocation charge, and 10 years on the possession with intent charge, along with 30 years suspended imposition of sentencing. The two sentences are to run consecutively for a total 16-year sentence.

In other court action:
Reann L. Ellis was removed from the Alternative Sentencing Program. She pleaded guilty to residential burglary, and she was sentenced to two years in the ADC with a judicial transfer to Arkansas Community Corrections, and 18 years SIS.
In both cases, the guilty parties are also required to obtain their GEDs and obtain Wage certificates.